Sterilization Debate

  • Problem: Deep Sedation Costs Doctors Time and Patients MoneyOpen or Close

    The New York Daily News ran a report on February 17, 2016, citing that $15 billion was wasted annually on sedated upper endoscopic procedures.

    Solution: ADN's Device is Cost-Effective for Practitioners and Patients Endoscopic procedures can be performed in-office under topical anesthesia as opposed to a hospital or surgery center with costly, potentially risky intravenous anesthesia. Procedure time is significantly reduced, allowing for a greater number of patients to be treated per day.

  • Problem: General Anesthesia Poses Substantial RiskOpen or Close

    While EGD is generally a safe procedure, sedation can pose serious complications. Of the 0.5% of adverse events associated with EGD, over 50% of these are cardiopulmonary unplanned events related specifically to sedation.

    Solution: ADN's Device Mitigates Sedation Risk. ADN's design offers unique flexibility. With the option to perform the procedure trans-nasally, intravenous sedation is no longer the standard protocol thus minimizing the associated risks.

  • Problem: Incomplete Sterilization of Equipment Leads to FatalitiesOpen or Close

    The FDA's enhanced sterilization guidelines revised in May 2016, have proven too general as patients continue to contract illnesses from contaminated endoscopy equipment. The resulting consequences can be life threatening.

    Solution: Patients Benefit from First and Only Use of an Individual Device ADN delivers a single-use product. Packaged and certified-sterile at delivery, the result is tremendous savings of time and resources.

  • Problem: No Method of Sterilization has Yet Proven 100% EffectiveOpen or Close

    The challenge lies in the equipment design. The instrument's channels and crevices in the tip mechanism can contain contaminants irrespective of the cleaning process.

    Solution: Guaranteed Sterile The ADN system offers a 100% disposable iteration. No component is retained for repeated use.

  • Problem: Equipment Damage is a Costly Casualty of the Cleaning ProcessOpen or Close

    As individual practices look for definitive methods to fully sterilize their equipment and pass certification, these efforts can often cause irreparable equipment damage and a shortened half-life.

    Solution: Disposable Device Priced to Deliver Substantial Savings Overall savings result in a greater return on investment for practitioners.