About Us

"It is our intention to work with our corporate partners to improve the health of patients witSh aero digestive illness."

Aero-Di-Namics was conceived as a company whose mission is to interface with the health industry specifically in the realm of aerodigestive disorders. Given the current medical environment, we believe new insights and strategies will define the most successful health oriented organizations. Experienced physician insight can assist in streamlining product development and product consolidation. Marketing strategies will benefit and physician education can be reformatted, improved and targeted. Working jointly in a collegial goal oriented environment will help define corporate benchmarks, assure profitability and most importantly improve patient care. The tenants of the organization are to:

- Innovate
- Educate
- Provide Consultation

The principals have extensive experience in these areas with the credentials to provide clients with meaningful advice and new product. Two new patent pending devices could influence the future of applicable conditions. Having run large successful post graduate courses, fellowships and residency programs positions, the principals are set to assist industry with improving physician education. Having served as corporate consultants has established reference frames that will benefit future corporate partners in bringing products to market.