HOV Axles are the result of international cross-functional engineering and product development efforts.

Made for Indian roads, the heavy duty HOV trailer axles are manufactured under highest safety standards to create strong durability, better tyre life, reliability and load carrying capacity. This had been achieved due to better engineering standards and Built in Quality (BIQ) process of the company.

Key Features for HOV Trailer Axle :-

  • Made for Indian Terrain: Robust designs and manufactured by industry experts, HOV Trailer Axles are created for Indian Roads to meet cost effective solution for customers.
  • Long Grease Change Interval: Superior lubricants to achieve 1,50,000 Kms grease change interval.
  • Lower cost of ownership: Our Axles are designed for long life, requiring no need of special tools for regular routine service.
  • Interchangeability: Typical service items are of common industry designs, thus parts being interchangeable.
  • Warranty: Warranty of 18 Months or 1,50,000 Kms against manufacturing defects.



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Engineered at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, HOV S Cam Drum Braking Systems are passed through an efficient production process to provide the ideal braking solution for trailer manufacturers and OEMs. With best quality non- asbestos liners, bushes, cam shaft and brake shoes, these are designed to provide superior braking efficiency and superior lining life.

Key Features for Brake Assembly :-

  • Quick change 'S' Cam brake.
  • Proven Design and cost effective standard performance brake.
  • Powder Coated Shoe Assembly to withstand corrosion resulting in long life of shoes assembly.
  • Brake Liner having excellent fade and wear resistance and good recovery characteristics.
  • Long life cam shaft bushes and heavy duty springs.
  • Easy to assemble / dis-assemble and economical to maintain.
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Created keeping the requirements of the trailers that ply on Indian highways, our suspension has been created for durability and long life.

Key Features for HOV Mechanical Suspension :-

  • Reliable, proven design to suit all type and make of trailers.
  • High strength material used, to get longer life of crucial parts for heavy duty application.
  • Easy to mount and maintain on trailers.
  • Overslung configuration.


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HOV Auto Limited is a leading automotive component manufacturer, which has pioneered as a pulsating and throbbing global engineering institution. As a trailer component manufacturer in India, HOV Auto Ltd. has acquired unmatchable manufacturing standards.