HOV Auto Ltd. will always be value-driven to underpin and direct the growth of the company in the right directions. Our core values express the soul of our company and serve as a guiding star for our employees.

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    We strive to be nimble and quick in every act of ours- be it market entry, developing strategies, innovations or delivering service and support to our customers.

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    HOV is built on the solid foundation of unity, believes in growing together as people, and in mutual prosperity of the community, the nation and the human race.

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    We are guided by the value of focusing on quality in our products, business relations and interactions as well as in the people who work for and with us.

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    We encourage and give our best efforts with endless passion and challenging spirit to develop newer and more effective technologies in auto component manufacturing.

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    We embrace reliability, and being worthy of trust as a habit by consistently building good relationships with customers and stakeholders.


HOV Auto Limited is a leading automotive component manufacturer, which has pioneered as a pulsating and throbbing global engineering institution. As a trailer component manufacturer in India, HOV Auto Ltd. has acquired unmatchable manufacturing standards.